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I was the one who originally found the lump on my right breast. I made an appointment with my primary doctor and she sent me for a mammogram and sonogram. I was only 35, so it was my first time getting checked. I went the next day for the two tests and they did biopsies that day as well.  I was officially diagnosed in August of 2023. I started chemotherapy in early October, right before my 36th birthday. 

I’ve had a very hard and complex road so far. I’ve been hospitalized 3 times, and I have had multiple toxic reactions to some of the chemotherapy drugs in my regimen that I will now live with forever. I missed a lot of chemotherapy due to blood counts being too low, being sick or hospitalized. I was supposed be done with all chemotherapy in March but I’m not done yet and still going!

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  1. Vacation to Key West, FL with her best friend

  2. Cruise with her best friend

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