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I was diagnosed with stage llA breast cancer (hormonally driven) at the age of 29 after finding a lump in my left breast while doing a self exam. I was diagnosed two months before my original wedding date, but as to not postpone treatment, my husband and I moved our wedding date up a month to share our special day with our loved ones. As we had been looking forward to starting a family, we began the IVF process days before our wedding in hopes to eventually have children despite having to go through chemotherapy treatment.

I underwent chemotherapy treatment beginning on July 3rd, and rang the bell on December 14th. I also receive injections every few weeks to keep my body in menopause. While being treated this fall, I continued to work as an 8th grade math teacher. Though it has been a tough journey, with many changes to our life plans, I am very grateful for all the support from my husband, family, friends, colleagues, and students. I am looking forward to taking the next steps in my treatment plan to get healthy.

I have completed 16 rounds of chemotherapy. I have a double mastectomy scheduled in January in order to lower the risk of my breast cancer returning or spreading. I will keep receiving injections monthly, and will be on medication for the next few years to block the effects of estrogen on the hormone receptor positive breast cancer cells.

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