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My name is Quincee, I am an almost 31 year old mother of two little girls. Back in 2021, when I was just shy of seven months pregnant, I was diagnosed with leukemia after a hematologist noticed that my blood counts were extremely low and looked off. I did a round of chemo while pregnant, had my youngest daughter, then did another two rounds of chemotherapy. I finished up my then cancer journey with another round of chemo, eight rounds of total body radiation and a successful stem cell transplant from a cord blood donor. 

I was able to have two cancer free years and took that time to restart my bridal hair and makeup business and go to cosmetology school to get my cosmetology license. When I had around 200 hours left in my program it was discovered that the cancer was beginning to come back in July of 2023. I managed to finish cosmetology school in between two more rounds of chemo and am hoping to get my cosmetology license after my next stem cell transplant.

Quincee’s LifeList:

  1. Tickets to see Usher

  2. Family trip to Legoland

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