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I started having pain and numbness in my right foot in 2011. For five years I tried to get answers, even seeing a neurologist. I was repeatedly told I had low B12 and he thought that was it. I gave up after going to him and getting the same answer every time because I couldn’t afford to keep going with no solution. In 2015, I noticed a lump growing on the inside of my foot. I went to my primary care physician who referred me to a podiatrist. He did an x-ray and said the lump looked like a lipoma but ordered an MRI to be sure. The MRI came back and he said it still looked like a benign lipoma and referred me to pain management. After going there for months and nothing helping, I decided to have tarsal tunnel release surgery. My surgeon also removed the “lipoma” and sent it to pathology. That Friday we got a call that it was cancer, epithelioid sarcoma. I had to go have another MRI to see if the cancer was still in my foot or he had gotten it all. It was spread throughout my foot but only in my foot. I opted for amputation after being told it was my best chance of survival because my type of cancer doesn’t respond well typically to chemo or radiation. My amputation of my right leg below the knee was on April 22nd, 2016. I was cancer free for almost seven years afterward. 

On February 22nd, 2022, I went to the ER with extreme pain in my left ribs and found out the cancer was back.The spots on my lungs are slowly growing but considered stable for the time being. I am on daily chemo pills and am monitored every three months. I am also on pain management medications because I deal with a ton of chronic pain from everything I’ve been through.

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