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On August 22nd of 2023, I was 29 years old sitting in a doctor’s office with my mom when I received the news that the lump I had discovered in my breast was indeed cancerous. Invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast and estimated to be around stage 2. I had just moved closer to home with my two dogs and my bird after finalizing my divorce from my marriage of ten years so this was a pretty devastating blow to my personal growth and healing. This is my first time receiving such a life threatening diagnosis. My workplace was also unsupportive and me and my family agreed that it would be best for me to not work until after my completion of chemotherapy. 

I am getting chemotherapy and targeted immunotherapy and will have more targeted immunotherapies after chemo. We are not sure what my surgical treatment will involve after chemo, but it will most likely involve a mastectomy with the goal of avoiding radiation if my lymph nodes are clear from cancer.

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