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I was diagnosed with cancer in my last semester of college. I was 22 years old in June of 2021 when I received the news, and that was the beginning of a long journey that continues to this day. My first line treatment lasted nine months and consisted of chemotherapy and radiation. After my treatment, I went back to school to complete my degree in children’s mental health and began work at a local non-profit helping children and young adults struggling with Schizophrenia spectrum disorders. 

A year and a half into remission, I was given the devastating news that my cancer had returned. I began a second line of treatment which consisted of chemotherapy and the amputation of my left leg. I am very blessed that upon second diagnosis the cancer was still localized making amputation a viable option for a cure. I am trying my best to acclimate to my new life.

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  1. Macbook Air

  2. New violin bow

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