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My name is Chelsea and I am 31 years of age.  I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer on June 30th of 2023.  Three years ago, I found a small lump in my left breast and my doctor did not think anything of it at the time. Over the next couple of years, the tumor grew to the point where I felt something was wrong.  However, when I got the call on that June 30th afternoon, the last thing I expected was the “c” word.  My life changed in an instant.  The next two months were filled with screening appointments and test after test.  The last few months have been filled with chemotherapy appointments and injections that I now require regularly.  Looking ahead, I am facing surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy for the next five to ten years. 

This journey has put more things into perspective – how I want to spend my time and with whom.  I have lost friends as a result and I lost a boyfriend who said he could not be with me through cancer.  However, I now redirect my focus to who is in my corner and my support system.  My twin sister has shown up in ways that I never expected and we have become closer.  She has made an effort to fly to SF at least twice a month during my treatment, which has been a game changer.  I cannot think of anyone better to be in my corner and I hold so much admiration.  Without her, I would be in a more delicate place mentally.

Chelsea’s LifeList:

  1. Tickets to Wimbledon for her and her sister

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