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I was diagnosed with localized Ewing sarcoma at the age of 25 in March of 2018, with the tumor located on my right foot. I went through the standard chemotherapy protocol and received fractionated radiation to my foot. I had no evidence of disease for the next three years. In June of 2022, a routine scan showed a large tumor and a smaller secondary one in my right lung. At this time, I was diagnosed with metastatic disease and did eight cycles of chemotherapy followed by surgery to remove the tumors. In August of 2023, several nodules appeared again in the right lung. I received radiation for two of the nodules and enrolled in a Phase 1 clinical trial in September for relapsed pediatric sarcomas and have completed three cycles up to the present date. I recently completed low-dose whole lung radiation and focalized high-dose radiation to the visible nodules.

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  1. Wilderness First Responder course

  2. Backpacking equipment

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