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I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time at 30 years old and have had recurring bouts ever since. I had my son in 2014, and was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer shortly after. In 2017, I was officially cancer free. Two years later, I found out the cancer came back. The cancer had spread everywhere and it was stage IV. After going through treatment, I was cancer free again. In 2021, I was again diagnosed with cancer, which was found in both of my femurs and in my brain. A year later, I was cancer free again, but the cancer came back in my left femur, my head and right hip. In January of 2024, the cancer had again spread to my brain. Over all these years I have done radiation seven times to various areas. I’ve done five different kinds of chemotherapy treatments and I’ve had several surgeries. I keep going for my little boy.

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  1. A Golden Retriever Service Puppy

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