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My name is Jake. I am 21 and, while working to pay my way through college, I found out I have sarcoma cancer. Everything began in June when I first went to the hospital. I was having sharp pains in my stomach but the doctors wrote it off as something common and sent me home. Listening to their advice I waited weeks before going back. During my second hospital visit, masses were discovered on my liver, and I was left with no choice but to get surgery to have them removed.

While this was supposed to solve my problems, it didn’t. Not even two weeks later I was having pain again. When I went back to the hospital they told me I had appendicitis and would need another operation. In one month I was two surgeries deep and was assured that I shouldn’t have any more pain. This was a lie. I found myself back in the hospital a month later for the same reason. During this trip, they found more masses in my stomach but decided against giving me surgery. Antibiotics were prescribed, and I was sent home. After going back multiple more times I decided it was time for a new opinion. After meeting a different doctor on my fifth visit we finally uncovered the root cause. A biopsy revealed I had sarcoma cancer. 

Living over 1000 miles away from my family, I had to make the difficult decision to drop out of college and move home for support. While I wish moving home was a smooth process, the movers I hired rooted through my boxes and stole several belongings amounting to a loss of over $6,000. This sucked. I am facing the reality of cancer, saying goodbye to my friends as well as my home, and now losing many of my personal items. I still have four large tumors sized 21 cm on average and am getting CT scans every three weeks to catch any issues that could be arising. I am still fighting this cancer hard.

Jake’s LifeList:

  1. Electronic shopping spree to replace the items lost while moving and purchase luxury items

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