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My name is, Brian. I am 37 years old and married to the most amazing woman in the world.  My cancer journey started around a year ago when I started feeling tired and experienced bruising throughout my body.  I had been hospitalized in April of 2024 due to severely low platelet counts.  At that point I was diagnosed with a platelet disorder, received treatments of immunotherapy and steroids, and was released a few days later. Over the next five months my blood levels were monitored every four weeks to see how they trended. When my levels continuously decreased throughout my testing, the doctors did a CT scan and it was discovered that I had several swollen lymph nodes.  In November, a biopsy came back positive for large B cell diffuse lymphoma.  A PET scan showed that there were tumors around my windpipe, abdomen, spleen, liver, groin and iliac bone.

I started treatment at the very end of 2023. A recent PET scan showed a complete response to my treatment! My tumors shrunk significantly or were eradicated completely. I will finish my last treatments soon.

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