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I was diagnosed with triple negative cancer last August at the age of 31. I went in for my annual physical and asked my primary care physician to do a breast exam. I had a painful lump in my right breast that concerned me since my paternal grandmother had breast cancer. I was sent for an ultrasound. When the tech was only going to check my right side, I asked for both breasts to be checked because I wanted to be thorough since I was already there. She was very hesitant to check both breasts since I didn’t have pain on both sides nor did I have any other symptoms. Through the exam I learned that I had cysts on my right breast and a benign mass in my left. I was informed I could do a biopsy but I’d have to come back another day. My commute was 45 minutes but I agreed to come back. When I got the results from my biopsy, I was told I have triple negative breast cancer and it was on my left breast that had no symptoms. My treatment plan consists of chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy , and radiation. It’s the best plan because, even though it was caught early, it’s an aggressive type of breast cancer.

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  1. A pink iMac

  2. A Macbook Pro

  3. Trip to Europe

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