Nicole P

Former LifeList Warriors

I had just turned 38 and had just gotten engaged to the most AMAZING man several weeks before an ultrasound showed that I have an aggressive form of breast cancer. After a terrible divorce and rebuilding my life after some very traumatic events, I was THRILLED that God brought me an amazing man who had been through some trauma himself. Together we have 5 kids ages 6-16 and when he proposed I thought “thank you GOD” for restoring my happiness and my life. And then the cancer diagnosis came.

All of our wedding money went to my out of pocket max deductible immediately. And now that my treatments are running over into the next year, I’ll have to put what little savings we have left toward the deductible again. My kids and fiancé have watched me go through 5 rounds of HORRIFIC chemo, a double mastectomy, a month in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, now only to be told I need another 14 rounds of chemo on top of the 7 weeks of radiation. My aunt died of breast cancer at 35 and I’m just hoping to come out on the other side of this.

Nicole’s Life List:

  1. Catering for our wedding.
  2. Wedding outfits for our 5 kids.