Megan E

Former LifeList Warriors

My name is Megan and I am 29 years old. I grew up in South Bend Indiana, lived in Florida for 4.5 years and then moved back to South Bend. I met my husband in South Bend in 2015 and we were married in November 2017.

Before I was diagnosed, I ran marathons including the Chicago marathon and the Sunburt marathon. I was also a triathlete and was a very active person. I was actually running up until May 2018 and then was diagnosed in June. I am employed at Scott Enterprises in Erie, PA as a Sales Manager. They have been incredibly generous and forgiving during this time and I am very blessed to work for such an amazing company.

On June 28, 2018 I was told I have cancer. On a sales blitz for work, in August 2018, I was told it was stage 4. We were devastated. I have an amazing family, but somehow we knew life wasn’t going to be the same. My dad found a great doctor for me at the Cleveland Clinic. Not only do I have a fantastic family, but I have a fantastic team of doctors and nurses at the Cleveland Clinic.

Megan’s Life List:

  1. A family vacation at the JW Marriott on Marco Island.
  2. Go to a game at Dodger Stadium with my husband.
  3. Tour the Lilly Pulitzer headquarters and get a custom print.
  4. Go shopping in Tennessee with my mom and sister.
  5. Take a walk on the Songbird Trail with my dad.