Hannah M

Memoriam Warriors

On March 10th of 2017, 23-yr-old Hannah found out that what she thought was bronchitis was actually cancer. She had recently graduated from Arizona State and was just beginning to embark on a career when her life was turned upside down with the news that she had Stage 3 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL), specifically Diffuse Large Cell-B Lymphoma. Hannah had a tumor in her chest that that was impacting her heart, lungs, aorta and windpipe in addition to having swollen lymph nodes, which was interfering with her breathing and was creating a significant amount of pain.

Hannah then endured 6 rounds of 5-day treatments of chemotherapy with 21 days in between each treatment, as well as radiation and numerous side effects and hospital admissions.

Then, in January of this year, Hannah learned that she had relapsed and would need to receive Car-T Cell Therapy as the best option for a final cure, so Hannah had to leave her home in Arizona and is currently in Houston at MD Anderson receiving her engineered cells.

Everything Hannah thought she knew about where her life would be or who she would become has forever changed, and while she is beyond grateful for the continued love and support from those in her life, she knows she still has a long road ahead of her.

Hannah’s Life List:

  1. San Diego Beach House for a long weekend for 7 people in late summer
  2. Coachella tickets for 2019
  3. Spa Day at Omni Scottsdale Montelucia
  4. Movie Passes (in Phoenix)
  5. Night stay in Sedona