Memoriam Warriors

Katie’s cancer journey began when she found a hard mass in her groin a few days shy of her 25th birthday in June 2014. She was diagnosed with Ewings-like sarcoma later that August. She immediately began the fertility preservation process, followed by 7 cycles of intense IV chemotherapy, and 6.5 weeks of radiation therapy to her pelvis (February 2015).

By June 2015 the cancer had metastasized to her lungs. She had surgery to remove the tumor, followed by a number of drug trials and chemotherapy regimens. Further tumors popped up in her lungs, and in March 2016 she began having severe migraines which turned out to be caused by a tumor that had metastasized to her brain. The brain tumor was surgically removed and treated with radiation twice, resulting in a clean brain even a year later!

While the brain work was going on, tumors in her lungs were exploding. This led to pleural effusion so she had to have a tube planted in her chest. It wasn’t until August 2016 that they found another successful combination of chemo drugs.

Over 6 months later, she is still on this chemotherapy regimen (to maintain the tumors at their current smaller status) and she is finally ready to start having new and exciting experiences again.

Katie’s Life List:

  1. Have a sleepover with my niece, Lilly
  2. Attend a local baseball game or go to the lake with family (parents, sister, niece/nephew)
  3. Host my family for dinner in new condo as new homeowner
  4. Take a summer trip: go to the beach with my friend Alex when she visits from Ohio/Go on the town trip to Martha’s Vineyard with my mom and sister
  5. Get a spa treatment in Boston
  6. Attend the Jimmy Fallon show
  7. Take a class at King Arthur Flour
  8. Go to a dude ranch with my family