Sarah E

Former LifeList Warriors

Sarah is a 36-yr-old woman who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2016. Sarah recently relapsed following a bone marrow transplant, and is currently getting chemotherapy while she waits to find another donor for a second transplant.

Sarah has 4 beautiful kids, is a wife to a loving husband, and a grandma to 2 beautiful grandbabies with another one on the way. Before her diagnosis, she worked 2 jobs as a Medical Assistant during the day and a CNA at night to help make ends meet for her family. The truth is that behind her eyes and her smile are tears and a frown because everyday is a struggle, coping with body aches, weakness, fatigue, vision changes, bruising all over her body from low platelets, numbness from radiation that damaged her nerves and more.

Sarah continues to fight to stay alive for her loved ones. She will not let cancer control her and keep her from living and enjoying her time with family and friends.

Sarah’s Life List:

  1. Help paying off potential funeral costs as she doesn’t want to leave her family in debt
  2. Inflatable water slide
  3. Tickets to watch the WWE live with her kids and possibly meeting some of the wrestlers
  4. Movie passes and restaurant gift cards to enjoy with her kids
  5. Denver Zoo or museum tickets for the family