Brian H

Memoriam Warriors

Brian is 34-years-old and was diagnosed with Leukemia a little over a year ago. He was a truck driver before he got sick so he hasn’t been able to work at all.

Brian and his fiancé Becky were actually planning a wedding and 3 months before the wedding they found out they were expecting their first child. Just 2 weeks after that on March 14th 2017, Becky insisted Brian go to the Emergency Room because she thought he had the flu. Little did he know that his whole world was about to be flipped upside down. Brian was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia with several mutations, one of which was FLT3 which gave him a poor prognosis and meant his Leukemia was resistant to treatment.

Brian then spent 3 months in a hospital while they were trying to get his counts under control. Since diagnosis he has endured 6 rounds of high dose chemo, 6 rounds of maintenance chemo, 3 different chemo pills plus hydrea between treatments to keep his blood counts down. He also had to have radiation on his central nervous system (spine and brain) since he had Leukemia cross over into the spinal fluid.

Brian has switched doctors 2 times and is currently on the 3rd doctor at MD Anderson, where he traveled 850 miles away from home with his wife and their new baby boy to try to get more help after the first two doctors told them there was nothing further they could do. His third doctor recently told them there were no more options thinking there was still Leukemia in his CNS even after radiation but thankfully they didn’t listen to that, and Brian is getting ready to start his second clinical trial (the first one was in Florida) through his transplant doctor, where they will be investigating Natural killer cells on him. Brian and his wife are hoping this will help keep the Leukemia at bay long enough for a transplant.

Michael’s Life List:

  1. Have a cookout with friends and family when I return home
  2. Go stay at a cabin/house on the lake and fresh-water fish From Dear Jack
  3. New Iphone (he uses straight talk)
  4. Shopping at Cavender’s Western Wear
  5. A laptop or ipad pro (whichever one I can get)