Laura H

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My name is Laura and I’m 32 years old. This past year has been a year of great accomplishments and growth for me. Unfortunately, on October 30, 2018 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Due to daily radiation and Chemotherapy I have had to take a couple of months off of work. I work as a preschool teacher in the inner city. This is my passion and what I have spent years devoting my life too. Having to temporarily leave my job has been very difficult for me because the children are my strength and motivation and I know that I serve as their strength as well.

My mother has taken time off of work also to care for me because, due to my immune system being compromised, I’ve had several other health issues throughout this process. I do try and remind myself daily that I am fortunate to have the care, love and support that I do.

Laura’s Life List:

  1. A vacation for my family and I – somewhere tropical!
  2. An iPhone.
  3. A spa day for my mom and I.
  4. A family photo shoot including my grandparents (my grandmother is a cancer survivor and my grandfather is currently battling cancer too).