Memoriam Warriors

Jennifer is a 24-yr-old woman whose cancer journey began in 2014 when she went to a clinic with what she thought was a minor cold. Her doctor told me, a student at the end of her third semester of nursing school, that she either had a cold or cancer because her white cell count was the highest he had ever seen; it ended up being ALL. Within 48 hours she started her first month of chemotherapy in Jackson MS, but after learning about a genetic mutation called MLL we decided to go to MD Anderson for more specialized care. MD Anderson is where she received a stem cell transplant from her older brother just a few months later. For 14 amazing months she stayed in remission and was able to go back to school, that is until the cancer came back and she had to quickly start back with a new chemo regimen.

This chemotherapy was saving her life and risking it at the same time. It had completely depleted her immune system allowing the deadly bacteria E.coli to takeover her body, causing her to become septic and nearly pass away. After almost two weeks in a medically induced coma, she survived and found out she was once again cancer free. Unfortunately it was just only a couple of months later when she found out she had relapsed. With the help of a relatively new immunotherapy drug, she was able to get back to remission and received yet another stem cell transplant that also put her in remission but this time only for a couple of months. After receiving a new chemo drug, she once again is in remission and praying it stays that way, but with the MLL it’s more likely to come back. If the ALL does come back they hope they will be good candidates for a Car T cell transplant. She will always have hope and faith.

Sadly, we lost Jennifer in July of 2017.

Jennifer’s Life List:

  1. Play TopGolf with my boyfriend
  2. Have my friends visit from VA
  3. Be able to visit my grandparents
  4. Make a trip to our family’s cabin
  5. Microsoft Surface
  6. Go to an Ellen show
  7. Attend a cooking class
  8. Stay and ski at a ski lodge