Heather S

Memoriam Warriors

Heather is a 36-year-old woman who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in September 2015. Heather’s only chance for a cure was a bone marrow transplant from her brother, which was scheduled for November 2015. For Heather, the Life List project allows her to focus on her future, like taking advantage of Colorado’s powder days. She hopes to be well enough to go skiing at least once in 2016.

Heather Snow is a comedian, writer, and tech professional living in Denver, Colorado. She hails from Sandusky, Ohio, and lived all over the country working as an artist in amusement parks until she realized that she hates amusement parks and followed her dreams in technology. Now, she does math in her pajamas from home when she’s not gracing the stage with her dry and relatable humor. You can learn more about Heather and read her blog at www.sixfeetofsnow.com.

Heather’s Life List:

  1. Have jam canning party
  2. Have her friend Savannah do henna on her bald head
  3. Have a big show at Comedy Works to celebrate her 100 days
  4. Have her friend Emily make her crab cakes
  5. Get a new bike with Carbon Drive
  6. Get a new pair of skis
  7. Adopt a hypoallergenic doodle puppy (Labrador-sized)
  8. Hang out with Bill Murray
  9. Attend Bayou Country Superfest with VIP tickets for her brother, his wife, and her boyfriend

Sadly, Heather is no longer with us. Her fighting spirit is missed everyday. Any donations to DJF made in her honor will be directed to our Life List program.