Gabe C

Memoriam Warriors

Gabe has been struggling to beat refractory Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for over two years. At age 21, he has made it through 3 different chemotherapies, radiation, two stem cell transplants, a medical trial, and a targeted therapy.  

Since receiving his second Stem Cell Transplant a few months ago, things have not gone well.  Gabe has been diagnosed with Graph Versus Host, a condition where his new stem cells and his body are in a vicious battle.  This is the worst case scenario and it happened much sooner than anyone anticipated.

The last few years have been a major trial for Gabe’s entire family in so many ways.  Between medical bills, additional expenses, and missed work, Gabe’s family has sold items, liquidated retirements and other assets, and worked hard to make it through these challenges, and they feel very blessed to have been supported by generous family and friends during these difficult time. 

Gabe and his Mom are spending approximately 3 months away from home, while his older brother has given up his job and moved home to help.


Gabe’s Life List:

  1. Visit the Great Pyr dog rescue with my brothers
  2. Eat my Mom’s london broil and double chocolate cheese cake
  3. Evening playing D&D with my friends
  4. Get a clock tattoo
  5. Get a small dog to help with my anxiety
  6. Dinner at Fogo de Choa for me and my family
  7. Shoot a big automatic gun
  8. New laptop/tablet for college
  9. Scuba dive at the Denver Aquarium