Gabby L

Former LifeList Warriors

Gabby is an 18 yr old young woman who was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in August of 2016. After spending 15 days in Banner Children’s hospital, she started her treatment at Mayo Clinic Cancer Treatment Center in Phoenix, AZ. Everything happened so fast. Treatment was going by and things got tough. She was unable to swallow and had to get a feeding tube. So now she has a trach to help her breathe and a feeding tube. Gabby is hoping the next few appointments bring her some much anticipated progress.

Gabby’s Life List:

  1. Road trip with friends
  2. Get a giant edible arrangement when I can eat again
  3. Eat my grandma’s rice and gravy
  4. Get my car fixed
  5. Get a makeover
  6. Vanity to do hair and makeup
  7. Go to Hawaii
  8. Get a fancy facial for my acne