Former LifeList Warriors

Cody is a 21 yr old young man who’s battle against cancer first began in 2013 during his senior year in High School.

Cody, who played football for his high school team and looked forward to attending the University of Iowa, was originally diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Symdrome (MDS) that later evolved into Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

For close to four years now, Cody has been in the fight. Through chemotherapy, radiation, a cord blood transplant, followed by an unrelated (allo) bone marrow transplant, various infections, set backs, triumphs, and countless days in the hospital, this young man has battle scars by the dozen. Plus, the side effects from the years of steroid use have left his teeth and bones brittle, ending in orthopedic surgeries and many trips to the dentist.

Although Cody has been through more in his young lifetime than any single person should ever have to face, his positivity and compassion for others in the midst of his own journey are truly awe inspiring.

Cody’s Life List:

  1. Customized vehicle/upgrade for truck
  2. Samsung Galaxy s7 phone
  3. Scuba Diving