Chenault T

Former LifeList Warriors

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November of 2018, at 30 years old. I had just moved to Seattle with my partner after finishing graduate school on the East Coast. I found a small, painless lump on my neck a few months prior, and after multiple biopsies was diagnosed. The diagnosis came as a shock; I have always been healthy and didn’t feel sick at all. This diagnosis has changed almost everything in my life; my job, my daily life, and my tendency to be a planner. I’m grateful that there are such incredible treatments available for Hodgkin’s patients. I’m taking everything day-by-day, and am lucky to be surrounded by an incredible family and support system.

Chenault’s Life List:

  1. Weekend at a cabin or lodge in the mountains close by with my partner, particularly Lake Quinault Lodge or the Lake Crescent Lodge at the Olympic National Forest.
  2. Take a two-month pottery course at Barbara Dunshee Pottery.
  3. Flights for my partner (my primary caregiver) to have a nice weekend away with friends.
  4. Trip to Oregon wine country to stay at a fancy hotel and spend the weekend outside and relaxing.
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