Carter E

Former LifeList Warriors

My name is Carter and I am 18 years old. I was diagnosed two weeks ago (December 6, 2018) with Osteosarcoma. It was unexpected as I thought I had injured my leg playing basketball. What I thought was a bone bruise or stress fracture turned out to be cancer. I am in my senior year of high school at Rocky Mountain in Fort Collins. I am going to miss the second half of my senior year due to treatments.

Carter’s Life List:

  1. Tickets to a Denver Nuggets game. My favorite players are Murray, Jokic and Harris.
  2. Tickets to the Jon Bellion concert at the Filmore in January. I have only attended one other concert in my life.
  3. I would love my own Xbox One with two remotes and a headset. I will spend a lot of time at home and would like to hang out with my friends. I used to go to their houses to play Xbox but do not know if I will be able to with chemo. We play 2K 2019 NBA and Black Ops 4. I can play online with them if I am not up for having friends over.
  4. I am requesting a gift for my Aunt Jenny. She referred me to the Dear Jack Foundation. She has been battling Multiple Myeloma for 5+ years. She has been a great support to me currently and I would like to give back to her.