Former LifeList Warriors

Bradley is a twenty-nine-year old who lived in Michigan for most of his life until he moved to Denver in April of 2017; which he believes has been the greatest decision of his life. Bradley has one older brother and three younger half siblings, two brothers and a sister. He works with the Colorado National Guard as a contractor and helps them with their technical support department. Bradley loves to try out food trucks, hang out with animals, go on hikes, and play video games!

He was first diagnosed with stage 2B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February of 2014. A cough turned into a hospital visit. A hospital visit turned into a specialist visit. Biopsies were ordered and the results hit hard. Bradley had 6 rounds of ABVD chemotherapy and no radiation therapy to achieve remission in August of 2014.

Up until this new year, he hadn’t been feeling 100%… something just wasn’t right. During a shower one morning, he had noticed some swelling in his armpit and went to his PCP. Unfortunately, a mass was felt and the whole process started over again. Weeks later, he was told his lymphoma was back. Bradley started ICE chemotherapy at the beginning of June and is trying to live life as normal as possible in this beautiful state until he can kick cancer’s ass one more time!

Bradley’s Life List:

  • Peanut butter chocolate bars from Mom, Leighanne Chesney.
  • Knit beanie and PICC cover from best friend, Rachel Cox.
  • A new gaming notebook/desktop computer (My current is 5+ years old and doesn’t support any of games I want to play).
  • Lyft gift cards (I don’t drive and don’t have a ride situated 90% of the time).
  • Visit the symphony and museum hop with my Mom.