Ashley J

Former LifeList Warriors

In mid February 2016, Ashley’s 18-month-old had pneumonia. His doctor told her that since she had been sick as well, she should also be checked. When they did the x-ray, instead of pneumonia, they found a huge mass on her heart that was 5 inches by 6 inches. It tested positive for cancer. She was 30-years-old and living with her husband and two little boys.

Right away she was taken to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, where she was told she had ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). They started her treatments right away. Since she lives far away from the hospital, she was forced to be treated in the hospital for about 4 months.

Since she was a stay at home mom before she got sick, and doesn’t have any family nearby, her boys were bounced around between homes of members of her church organization. They were so helpful.

Ashley is now in remission and the huge mass is completely gone. She is currently in the maintenance phase of treatment.

Ashley’s Life List:

  1. Help selling our house
  2. Paint for the inside of our house
  3. Plants for the backyard
  4. Take kids to the new Odysea Aquarium
  5. Thank you notes to all those who helped me
  6. Help and support my friend who has breast cancer
  7. Trip to Virginia with family to visit father-in-law who has never met the boys.