Ashley G

Memoriam Warriors

I got diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma while I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. I had just turned 25 and thought I was living a pretty decent healthy lifestyle. My world came crashing down when my doctors had to convince me to induce my labor and start treatment immediately. After doing 9 months of chemotherapy, and one 15 hour surgery while trying to raise a newborn, they told me I was cancer free! I was ecstatic and after 6 months, I returned to work. No sooner had I returned that I started experiencing symptoms again and eventually found out I had relapsed. I went back on treatment and have done countless rounds of chemo and radiation, but it seems no matter how hard I fight, this cancer keeps popping up in new places, more aggressive than ever. I am still currently doing treatment. My son, has never seen me with hair or being a normal healthy mama and I struggle with that everyday.

Ashley’s Life List:

  1. Celine sunglasses.
  2. Aye, elegant ombre wig.
  3. Weekend getaway with my mom in Santa Barbara.
  4. Airfare to visit my brother on the east coast.