Anthony H

Memoriam Warriors

On November 27th, 2015 Anthony received a phone call at 8 a.m. from his doctor telling his mother to get him to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. His mother came to him and told him to get dressed with her voice shaking. She said she needed to get him to the hospital right now. Anthony didn’t know why or what was happening but he knew he had been feeling sick for some time and he was losing weight and he had noticed bumps popping up on his body.

While his mother was driving him to the hospital, he sat there crying because he knew his worst fears were about to come true. Cancer. He thought, “I’m 18-years-old. How could this be happening to me? What did I do?”

They get to the hospital and the doctors took blood work. Soon thereafter they revealed to him that he had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. His life flashed before his eyes. He was terrified and shortly thereafter he went to Good Samaritan Hospital where he started chemotherapy. It was very rough on him but all he thought to himself is he’s going to beat this. Then in May of 2016 he became a recipient of a bone marrow transplant.

It had been almost a year since the transplant then May 18th 2017 he found himself back in the hospital only to find out that he now has leukemia in his spinal fluid. He then went to Mayo Clinic and received further treatment such as radiation and another form of chemotherapy that went in through his head to get to his spinal fluid.

He recently, with his mom and sister, had a Habitat House for Humanity built and the move in day is in August. He’s been so excited to finally move into their own house only to realize he can’t due to the fact he’s in a wheelchair and he’s unable to climb the stairs. The house is three stories and his room is on the third floor which makes it hard for him to have any freedom to maneuver around his new home.

Anthony’s Life List:

Anthony wants to be as independent as possible and that is why he is asking the Dear Jack Foundation to help him in a way that allows him to live in his new home. Anthony’s one Life List request is to help him buy a stair lift so he can live in his new home full time. Thank you.