Adrianna H

Former LifeList Warriors

I was diagnosed with small bowel cancer on September 13, 2018 via a telephone call while at work. As you can imagine, I was terrified and in shock. Everything moved so fast from there. I then saw a gastrointestinal surgeon and had surgery October 17th. I was in the hospital for 17 days with complications and discharged November 3rd – during that time in the hospital I lost almost 20 pounds and became almost unrecognizable to myself. I then received a port on December 7th and my first round of chemo December 8th. Chemo disrupted my life by changing my everyday routine and social life, the feeling of normalcy as well as many friendships. I informed a handful of friends during my initial diagnosis and have not heard or had support from any of them. I feel secluded and like no one understands this battle I’m currently facing.

Adrianna’s Life List:

  1. A trip to Miami with a few friends.
  2. A trip for my birthday in July.