Adrienne C

Former LifeList Warriors

I was diagnosed on January 3, 2018, following a tumor debulking surgery. The type of cancer I fight is called a soft tissue sarcoma – it is a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor or MPNST. Mine originated in my retroperitoneum (the abdominal cavity) and has spread since. I am keeping my head up, and doing treatments as they come. My cancer causes extreme pain which calls for celiac plexus blocks every 2-3 months. This helps take the edge off but the pain is very rough. Cancer has and does make life as a young adult extremely difficult! I’m a college student and have already taken two medical leaves. I call myself a “super junior”. I study engineering physics and treatments have made classes extra challenging, not to mention hospital stays which keep me from class altogether. But I’m here and I am a fighter!

Adrienne’s Life List:

  1. A MacBook.
  2. Nintendo Switch games (Mario Party, Just Dance, anything fun for boring treatments).
  3. An extra controller for the Nintendo Switch.
  4. An extra small fuzzy jacket.