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DJF Breathe Now Program Highlighted on Cancer Wellness

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Healing Together

By Meghan Konkol

Through its Breathe Now Wellness Retreats, Dear Jack Foundation helps bring couples closer together after cancer treatment.

Cancer undoubtedly leaves both visible and invisible marks on the person experiencing it. And what about their romantic relationship? Partners often take on challenges alongside their loved one facing cancer and must navigate the new realities of caregiving. In turn, cancer can significantly disrupt the existing relationship dynamic. These romantic partnerships impacted by the cancer experience can benefit from dedicated support.

Breathe Now Wellness Retreats, offered by Dear Jack Foundation, aim to create intentional healing experiences for young adult cancer survivors (ages 21–39) and their romantic partners. At the retreats, couples learn methods to nurture their relationships and maintain a meaningful life together after cancer treatment has ended. Cancer survivors and their partners can use this opportunity to process the cancer experience as a team and reconnect on their shared values as a couple.

Kayla Fulginiti, a licensed clinical social worker and director of programs at Dear Jack Foundation, explains that individuals often feel pressure to “get back to normal” after cancer treatment has ended. In reality, a cancer survivor and their partner have both experienced trauma that deserves ample time and attention for healing. Breathe Now retreats aim to allow this additional time to refocus on quality of life and relationship challenges for cancer survivors and their romantic partners.

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Article by Dear Jack Foundation

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