Dear Jack

December 7th, 2022

Erin: LifeList Wish Fulfilled!

Dear Jack,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for our family! We had such an amazing time on our trip to Kansas City and I’m glad I could include my parents.

Not only did my daughter, Everlei, and I get to watch our Jaguars, but my son, Connor, and dad, Mark, got to watch their Chiefs win, and better yet during the Salute to Service weekend, and Mark is an Air Force veteran! Then we got a visit from KC Wolf, the Chiefs’ mascot!!! ALL of the fans were going crazy as he was headed up to our section and the kids went insane when he came to us and gave high fives and posed for selfies. He even gave us an autographed football! My son knew right off the bat that it was Mecole Hardman #17 and couldn’t stop smiling. After the game was over he said, “Mom that game wasn’t good, it was THE BEST TIME EVER AND SOOOO AMAZING!” 

The WWI museum was awesome! We got to hear the mayor of Kansas City speak, see a US Congressman and see the keynote speaker, who was one of few women to be honored as a 2-star general and graduated in the second Air Force group of women allowed!

The aquarium was really neat. We got hands on with some sea life and my daughter loved seeing the mermaids! They also enjoyed the science museum! Learning about the human body, reptiles, a painting room, and all kinds of mind puzzles. Everlei was even brave enough to ride the bike on a tightrope. Then we went to the Mayan exhibit, which was really for me. I loved seeing all of the old artifacts and replicas. I enjoy learning about history and different cultures and the abilities and creations they had without modern day technology or tools.

The most exciting part was when we were leaving Jack Stack BBQ.

Side note: the food was soooo delicious, we all ate until we could probably go up a pants size, but luckily I had stretchy leggings on LOL. I ate more there than I had eaten in a week combined. Hands down, the best BBQ I’ve ever had!

Our awesome waiter told us that Juju Smith-Schuster (one of the star players for the Chiefs!!!!) was eating there because he saw that we were a table divided with Cannon and Mark in their Chiefs apparel and Everlei and I in our Jaguars. When we left the restaurant, Juju’s table was leaving right behind us. We lingered outside the exit and when he came out his hood was up and he was with his mom. I froze and Cannon turned his back to avoid eye contact – LOL – so my mom went over and politely tapped his arm. She explained my story and why we were there for the game and he asked if my son and I wanted a picture! My son was speechless! Juju asked Cannon how his day was going and the only thing Cannon could say was “good.” He was soooo nice and humble! Juju became his favorite player after that, even beating out their quarterback.

It was a trip to remember for a lifetime and to see the kids smile like they did and know their memories will be with them forever made the 30 degree temperatures worth dealing with and made me not focus on my diagnosis and what the future may hold for me and my family.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. Being a single parent I could have never provided the kids with this kind of fun and excitement!! This foundation is seriously life changing and the epitome of caring, loving, and generous people.

Erin and family



*Note from the Foundation: We would like to extend our gratitude to the organizations and private donors that worked with us to make Erin’s trip so incredible – Thank you to the Kansas City Chiefs for welcoming them on their Salute to Service day and for sending KC Wolf to pay them a visit. Thank you to the National World War I Museum for welcoming them on Veteran’s Day. Special thank you to Juju Smith-Schuster for being an amazing human!


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