Behind the Scenes of Breathe Now: Part 1


Behind the Scenes of Breathe Now

Kayla Fulginiti, MSW, LCSW

Dear Jack Foundation’s Behind the Scenes series takes a glance into our programs from the facilitator’s perspective to shed light on the ‘why’ behind the objective of program curriculum and program participant outcomes.

In our first Behind the Scenes blog post, we invited Dear Jack Foundation’s Program Director and licensed clinical social worker, Kayla Fulginiti, to participate in a short Q&A about what makes our Breathe Now wellness couples retreats stand out.

1) What makes the Breathe Now program unique within the YA cancer space? DJF’s Breathe Now program is unique because it is the only program that addresses couples together rather than just focusing on one or the other. Their relationship together is often forgotten about during treatment as priorities shift and it can be so challenging to enter survivorship and try to rebuild their connection.

2) How have you personally witnessed the Breathe Now program impacting change? I’ve had the privilege to watch the couples show up a little anxious, unsure, and cautious about what they’re about to do and leave calm, rejuvenated, and excited to take the tools they’ve learned and use them together at home. The bonds that the couples form with one another, and so quickly, has been amazing to witness and speaks to the fact that they are really looking for an opportunity to connect with others who can understand what they’ve been through and what their relationship has been through.

3) Why did you personally become involved to lend your professional expertise as a program facilitator for the retreats? I have always been drawn to the unique challenges that AYAs face when dealing with a cancer diagnosis and truly believe they should have more resources, support, and interventions to help address them. I love the idea of helping couples and being part of a program that recognizes there are two people that have been through the storm.

4) What is a fun fact about you that we wouldn’t know from reading your professional bio? I’m a big fan of binge watching 90s tv shows and Hallmark Christmas movies (even in July). I could also eat tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ice cream for dessert!