What is your EIN number?

45-2219082. IRS Letter of Determination is available here.

Are donations tax deductible?

Generally speaking yes. Although we recommend speaking with your CPA.

Where does the money I fundraise go to?

The money you raise is donated directly to the Dear Jack Foundation’s programs LifeList and Breathe Now and helps to fund our program partnership with Cancer for College. To learn more about our programs and partnerships, please visit our ‘About’ and ‘Programs’ pages.

Can my donation be applied toward a specific patient or program?

We like to spread the love across all of our programs, so not exactly. However, we can promise you that the dollars you raise will go directly to one of our Dear Jack programs or partners.

Does the Dear Jack Foundation accept matching donations from my company?

Yes, we gladly accept company match donations. Companies have varying protocols on how they process matching donations. Please contact your company administrator for more information if you are unclear of your employer’s guidelines or process. Matching donation checks that are received AFTER the fundraising deadline will be accepted BUT NOT APPLIED towards your fundraiser. Please notify the Dear Jack Foundation if we should be expecting a company match on your behalf. It is up to the donor to track if/when matches should be received. Matches will not be applied toward your fundraiser until the Dear Jack Foundation has received the actual payment. Please note that often it takes 30-60 days for employers to process match requests and that your request is not guaranteed by your employer. Your company should direct match requests to: brett@dearjackfoundation.org or mail to Dear Jack Foundation, 3853 Walnut Street #120, Denver, CO, 80205.

When is the Raise Your Voice Challenge fundraising deadline?

All donations must be received by 11/11/2020 at 11:59 PM MST

Do you accept check donations for my fundraiser?

Yes. Please have all checks made payable to Dear Jack Foundation. Checks should be mailed to: Dear Jack Foundation, 3858 Walnut Street, Denver, Colorado 80205 (Attn: Andrea Schwartz). Please include a note with your check with your name and fundraising page name. We will apply the check amount to your fundraiser total.

What is the fundraising requirement to qualify for the Raise Your Voice Challenge grand prize and runner up drawing?

To qualify for the grand or runner up prizes, each team must raise a minimum of $2,500. For each additional $1,000 you raise above $2,500, you’ll earn one additional entry into the drawing.

How many people can be on my fundraising team for the Raise Your Voice Challenge?

You may have a fundraising team that consists of 1-10 people.

Do I have to use Dear Jack Foundation’s fundraising platform Classy for my Raise Your Voice Challenge fundraiser or can I use another platform such as GoFundMe, Crowdrise, etc?

You MUST use Dear Jack Foundation’s peer-to-peer platform, Classy. If not, your fundraiser will not be considered part of the 250k Challenge and you and/or your donors will not be eligible for campaign prizes. Please see instructions in the 250K Challenge Fundraising Manual for setting up your fundraiser.

Can you provide me with posters or collateral for my Raise Your Voice Challenge fundraising?

Glad you asked! We’ve put together an online resource for you that includes a poster print out, as well as some additional information. We love seeing your designs and creative ways of advertising your fundraising! (If you use the Dear Jack logo, please send us an email – info@dearjackfoundation.org – for a quick approval!) View all fundraising resources on our Get Involved page.

Can Andrew McMahon attend/perform at my fundraiser?

No. At the discretion of Andrew, his management, and the Dear Jack Foundation, Andrew McMahon will not play or attend your Raise Your Voice Challenge fundraising event. We ask that you kindly respect this policy and refrain from asking him, his management, or the Dear Jack staff to make an exception. Thank you for understanding.

Can you send me Andrew McMahon signed merchandise for my fundraising event?

We have a very limited supply of signed merchandise on hand that we like to save for our patient warriors. There is signed merchandise available for purchase at www.andrewmcmahon.com.

I have a question that isn’t answered on this page. Who can I contact?

Email info@dearjackfoundation.org and we will get right back to you! (Please allow 24-48 hours for a response and we’ll respond during business hours M-F. Thanks!)