Module Four: Yoga for Balance and Harmony

Welcome to the second month of live classes for The Breathe Series! We encourage you to try our Breath Work Basics and Intro to Yoga video Modules which are self-paced opportunities to practice the skills and techniques we are learning. 

It is quite common to feel unbalanced while navigating a cancer journey because of so many unknowns and stressors that cannot be controlled. Think of yourself as having a barometer inside that measures your balance point throughout the day. What if you could notice when you don’t feel quite right, unbalanced, or dysregulated and know how you can fix it? That’s what this series is all about! This month we will learn how to notice dysregulation within ourselves and then explore how to bring balance into the body, mind, and soul through breath and movement. We will also continue to learn breathing strategies, postures, and other tools that can be used to cultivate greater harmony within.

All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Were not not able to join us for the live module two classes or would you like to take the class(es) again?  Recordings of module four’s live ZOOM classes are below.

Module Four Live Class Recordings

What is Balance?

Module four live ZOOM class recording:

Breathe into Balance

Module four live ZOOM class recording:

Root to Rise

Module four live ZOOM class recording:

Sensing Dysregulation & Dealing With It!

Module four live ZOOM class recording:

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