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I moved all by myself to Ohio from Puerto Rico to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. After multiple years of research experiments, shadowing, and medical training I was about to finish my undergraduate degree and was already accepted to attend medical school. On February 2, 2021, I woke up early to study for an Endocrinology midterm I had that day and when I lifted my head I felt an enlarged lymph node on the top of my sternum. From my experiences in internal medicine and emergency medicine, I strictly went to self-diagnose myself with lymphoma or a thyroid abnormality due to some chest pains I had been experiencing in the past months, so I finished the midterm and went straight to the ER.

I have been shadowing in hospitals for the last 5 years, but I was never hospitalized before and it was a drastic change of perspective. I was hospitalized for five days getting multiple checkups, tests, and treatments. By the end of the month, my suspicions turned true, and I was diagnosed with Classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now I am currently undergoing chemotherapy until the middle of summer, with a possibility of radiation after it. I continue my studies to become the first in my family to finish college and hope to finish the treatment before I start my career in medical school. All of this I have continued to do all by myself since my small family is not able to come to Ohio due to economic and family responsibilities. I keep my hopes high, and I will use this diagnosis to become a better health professional.

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  1. An Oculus Quest 2.

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