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Stephanie M

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In January of 2023, my family and I will be packing up two SUV’s and moving 1700 miles away from what we call home. We are taking an opportunity to move when I am still healthy enough, and to migrate to warmer weather to hopefully help with both my wife’s and my own body pains. I have stage 4 breast cancer with metasteses in my bones and my spouse has chronic pain. I was forced to retire from hairdressing right after getting diagnosed in November of 2020, and my wife was also let go from her nanny family after we found out. Not only did we lose our jobs, but we were forced to sell the house we loved. After moving back in with my parents and getting back on our feet (most of the way, anyway), we are ready to live in our favorite place in the states! Together we share a ten-year-old dog and a six-year-old kiddo who we love so much! Being in active treatment means I have very little time to be able to work, but on the flip side, it means I have lots of down time to give my body the rest it needs to continue to kick cancer’s ass.


Stephanie’s LifeList:

  1. New couch and TV
  2. PS5
  3. Membership to OdySea

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