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I am 31 years old and I was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2023. I was hospitalized in February and started chemotherapy treatment pretty quickly. Leading up to my diagnosis, I had mild flu-like symptoms, the lymph nodes in my neck started swelling, and I had trouble swallowing. After testing negative for COVID, flu and strep throat, the doctors recommended I get a CT scan and bloodwork done. I tested positive for mononucleosis, but after some more testing I was officially diagnosed with t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Having to accept that I will never have a normal life at 31 years old has been very difficult. My wife and I were planning to have a baby, and now things are obviously more complicated. You just realize you can’t plan things anymore as the future is unknown. As a content creator it has been very difficult to shoot videos with me looking like this and without my usual energy. I have so much to share, but I feel limited in every aspect of my life.

An interesting fact about me is that I am a social media influencer in Morocco with more than 30k followers. I focus on helping young millennials and Gen Z by providing free business coaching and technical advice. You can follow my business account @soufelaz on instagram!

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  1. DJI Avata Pro-View Combo Drone

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