Dear Jack

Shelbi K

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I was diagnosed at 24 years old. It was my passion to be a vet tech and I was right where I needed to be, working in the career I loved and went to college for. I started getting back pain that would make me feel like I had a kidney infection. After a few trips to the ER, scans, an undetermined biopsy I was scheduled for surgery. Three days after my surgery I found out I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer that is rare for an adult like me to get. The treatment took about a year. I did not handle treatment well at all and was sick most of the time. I relapsed after 3 years of remission but it is not going well and my body is struggling to handle the drugs used so I was switched to immunotherapy. I am currently on a trial as a last-ditch effort to hopefully control or possibly kill my disease. I just started this trial so we will see if I have any luck with this.

Shelbi’s Life List:

  1. A MacBook Air.
  2. A new washing machine.
  3. A spa day for me and my best friend.

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