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In February of 2021, my mother was just completing a year and a half of breast cancer treatment when I lost my eyesight in one eye and was then diagnosed with CNS neuroblastoma.  One week after my 9 1/2 hour brain surgery, due to the high steroid treatment, I woke with severe pain in my hip which was ultimately diagnosed as a salmonella infection.  The infection caused avascular necrosis and I lost most of my cartilage as well, not to mention the extreme pain I suffered through for at least a month.  I did six weeks of radiation while having a very painful hip, so severe that the radiation doctor decided to admit me into the hospital for four of the six weeks. I was on every pain med in the book for my hip. The effects of radiation made me very ill and I lost 50 pounds and had to have a feeding tube put in.  I then had to have another brain surgery to ablate a spot that had flared.  I then did four cycles of intense chemotherapy, each time three days in the hospital, then another infusion one week later.  I continued to have severe nausea and vomiting but have maintained a decent weight due to the feeding tube.  I am now waiting to hear the results of an MRI which will let me know what my continued treatment will be.  I will also be visiting with the doctor regarding my hip and inability to walk. They believe I may have to have a hip replacement as the damage was very severe.


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