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Rebecca F

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I am a 29-year old Registered Nurse who was working on an oncology floor when first diagnosed with T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was diagnosed in April of 2019 and went from taking care of patients with cancer to becoming one. When I was first diagnosed, I was actually admitted to the same floor I had been working as an RN on, and stayed on that floor and received inpatient treatment there for a month. I am currently in the maintenance phase of treatment which involves daily oral chemotherapy, IV chemotherapy, Lumbar punctures with IT chemotherapy, corticosteroids, and monthly labs. I should be done in August of 2021 with treatment and I’m really looking forward to it. I recently returned to work in July of 2020; working on the same floor I was on before (both as a patient as a nurse). I feel so grateful to be able to help those diagnosed with cancer, and know that my experiences over the past couple of years will only further allow me to advocate on behalf of my patients and to be able to understand them on a deeper level.

Rebecca’s Life List:

  1. A new sectional couch.
  2. A TV console.
  3. An entryway table.

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