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Payton A

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I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at the age of 15 in January of 2018. I underwent spinal surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. After completing all of those I was NED (no evidence of disease) for about a year, but then scans showed my cancer had relapsed, it was no longer localized, it became metastasized. I started chemotherapy again and after 6 rounds I did a stem cell transplant, and radiation again after that. A few months after I finished radiation I began having jaw pain. I saw many different dentists and doctors. They finally did a biopsy and a scan and saw it was my cancer again. I did a week of radiation on my jaw, then began chemotherapy.

I am now 19 years old and currently fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma for the third time. I am currently just doing chemotherapy as the future treatment is unknown.


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  • Tickets to a Milwaukee Brewers game and gear
  • Packers gear
  • A houseboat for a weekend

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