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My name is Patricia and I am 39-years-old. I have a boyfriend of 15+ years, and we have a 10-year-old son.  Nine years ago, when my son was 1 ½ years old, I was diagnosed with Lupus (an autoimmune disease that causes me chronic pain). Last year I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-positive breast cancer. My treatment plan so far has been 16 high-dose chemo treatments, a lumpectomy and removal to biopsy a couple of swollen lymph nodes – thankfully they were cancer-free, probably swollen from my lupus, and 24 radiation treatments. I am in the middle of 14 maintenance chemo treatments, and then, finally, will have hormone pills for 10 years.  While doing my cancer treatments I was told my lupus should go into remission. Unfortunately, it did not, so I have been battling my autoimmune disease along with my cancer, really adding to the struggle of being a parent and causing me to miss out on more than I wanted to in life. 

Patricia’s Life List:

  1. King-sized Purple Mattress
  2. PS5 for her son
  3. Lego sets

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