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Parneet K

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I was first diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer in May of 2018. I was treated with chemo and then had a lumpectomy, radiation, and hormone therapy. The lumps were big and half of my breast was gone so I went for breast reconstruction where some skin and mesh was taken from my belly. After reconstruction, I found out that there was more cancer in the tissue sent to the lab by my reconstruction doctor. As a result, I had to get a mastectomy. I was doing okay after the mastectomy and taking a pill for hormone therapy until I started having a cough in November of 2021 that did not go away for months. I got a PET scan and they found some lymph nodes getting bigger near my lungs. I had a bronchoscopy and the results came back positive for breast cancer. Right now I am on hormone therapy to keep the disease under control.


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  1. New sectional sofa

  2. Art supplies

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