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In October of 2021 I felt a bump on my left breast when I was taking a shower. I remember that day because the earth/time stood still for me at that moment. I didn’t call a doctor for about three weeks. I was too terrified. I remember looking at both my breasts in the mirror and how the one with the bump started shrinking and I could see that in the mirror. I remember how I refused to believe that it was shrinking and not agreeing with what I clearly saw in the mirror because I was so gosh darn terrified to admit that I was sick and that I needed to get to a doctor’s office today.

I was diagnosed at the age of 31, in November 2021. I am so proud of myself for seeking help. In a very short time after my diagnosis, I ended up growing up real quick/fast.I now am a little while out after my two surgeries(Jan 2022, May 2022). I am currently on hormone therapy. Only now am I able to sit down and get help for the emotional scars that this journey has left me with.


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