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Niky B

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At the age of 37 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. From the start I learned it had already spread to my liver despite having little indication that I had cancer (just some pain). It was a devastating diagnosis because right before this I had finally landed my dream job that I had worked 12 years in school toward getting. I had planned to work for a year and then get pregnant, as I had always dreamed of being a mom but wanted some stability first. My diagnosis took that all away from me. I was diagnosed the day after I started my new job and now having children is just a shattered dream. Everyone thinks because I never had surgery (like a mastectomy) or chemo that I am healthy and young. However, they just treat me with palliative treatment until it stops working. I have gone through three different targeted treatments and radiation to my bones. I still have my hair luckily, but the meds definitely take a toll on my body and my life. It’s hard sometimes to relate to my peers especially since they are moving on with their lives.


Niky’s LifeList:

  1. Trip to Nashville, stay in a treehouse

  2. Trip to NY to see a Broadway show

  3. Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

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