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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer right after my 30th birthday. I had been hospitalized in 2020 and 2021 with ongoing treatment for multiple chronic health conditions and knew something was off. An unrelated CT scan showed a thyroid nodule, and then an ultrasound and biopsy confirmed cancer. Originally, it was like – you’re 30 and young no big deal but at the same time I had multiple health conditions flare-up. I was hospitalized and started on TPN since my GI tract shut down, and I also have weekly/monthly infusions for lupus and MOGAD (demyelinating neuroimmune condition).

I had a subtotal thyroidectomy, during surgery they discovered that the tumor had invaded my strap muscle and spread to multiple lymph nodes. A second surgery is scheduled for a complete thyroidectomy and further neck resection.


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  1. Meet Heather McMahan and tickets to see her show
  2. Universal tickets

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