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Michael T

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I’ve been cooking all my life because I grew up in a cooking family. It became my first love and passion and I have 15 years cooking professionally under my belt. It has been a dream of mine to own my own restaurant. 


This year in February I noticed that I was losing strength in my right arm and struggling to manage the high heat in the kitchen. I figured I was just burning out due to the high pressure and high demand environment. One day, I experienced uncontrollable muscle spasms which were the precursor to a seizure. Terrified, my wife rushed me to the hospital where CT Scans and MRIs confirmed the worst, my cancer diagnosis – mixed germ cell cancer which caused a brain tumor and a mass that collapsed my right lung. I was immediately rushed for surgery to remove the brain tumor and since then have been undergoing chemo for the mass on my lungs.


My health, combined with ongoing treatments and antiseizure medications, has made it so I cannot return to the high demand kitchens I love and thrive in but my care team has shined a new light in by helping me shift my dream to starting a business that offers meal prep and planning, especially for health care providers who so often are too busy caring for others they neglect their own health.


Inspired by this idea, I took the same questions to social media and discovered diversity in flavorful health options are needed in my community and I am planning to rekindle my cooking passion and give my community what it needs! I also want to show my kids that no matter what life throws at you, it’s up to you to fight back and keep control of your life and the life you want to live!


Michael’s Life List:

  1. Help launching a prepared meal service business for healthy, delicious meals.

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